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Our Corporate and Brand Positioning Experience

Corporate and Brand Positioning are facets of EVERY Conduit Consulting project.
Creative economy companies as well as those in many other industries select Conduit Consulting because they recognize the opportunity to substantially benefit from both our professionals’ unique expertise and approach. We apply our cross-functional, creative- and critical-thinking skills as well as multi-industry experience to produce breakthrough innovations and breakaway strategies, resulting in catapulting clients toward success.

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2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award

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Our value-oriented strategic approach helps clients avoid pitfalls of reckless exploration, quickly zero-in on opportunities that can deliver meaningful rewards, and develop nuanced approaches to product and service innovation, marketing and other business operating activities. Benefits include:

  1. quickening time-to-market
  2. accelerating revenue growth
  3. instituting mechanisms to maintain brand integrity and control costs
  4. improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
  5. securing coveted collaborative marketing and product placement opportunities
  6. creating, marketing, producing and delivering popular products and sought-after services

As each client and its situation is unique, each project is custom-tailored to suit each client’s goals, capabilities and needs. The Conduit Consulting approach is adaptable to all cultures and flexible to accommodate clients situations, enabling our professionals to rapidly build rapport with individuals at all levels within our clients’ organizations. Our focus is on our clients success!

Achievement highlights

Conduit Consulting professionals have:

  •  Conceived, planned and launched businesses which upon their 5 year anniversary either continue
     to be operating profitably or have already acheived successful exit (via either sale or IPO).
  •  Guided strategic planning which led to client surpassing all other dominant industry players to
     secure and maintain #1 position for several consecutive years.
  •  Advised companies ranked on Fortune 500 list as #1 Most Admired in industry group or within Top 50
     of the Most Profitable, 10-year Profit Growth or 10-Year Shareholder Return.
  •  Increased client's profit and shareholder value by reducing annual operating costs up to 34%.
  •  Contributed to raising $3.4 billion via private placements and IPOs.
  •  Developed commercially successful and peer-reviewed award-winning business plans, products,
     services and marketing campaigns.
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What are you doing to position your company for successful growth and exit?

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