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Our Corporate Development practice leader Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA, CHRC and CFA Institute Regular Member, has extensive experience establishing and rejuvenating Corporate Development functions within client organziations as well as leading and advising on Corporate Development activities. This includes more than 15 years experience leading strategic planning, designing organizations, mananging transactions, and creating pragmatic implementation roadmaps that have laid stable foundations for client businesses as well as devising business strategies that motivate workforces and enable nimble flexibility, positioning clients for success regardless of economic environment.

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2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award
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Conduit Consulting specialists leverage our strategy, planning and transaction expertise; multi-disciplinary skills; and management acumen when advising on and managing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and other strategic management and development initiatives to diversify, harmonize and rationalize products and service offerings, mitigate risks, maximize profitability, and increase their businesses’ intrinsic enterprise value and shareholder value.
By leveraging our professionals’ Corporate Development expertise, clients have achieved the following:

  •  Designed, built opertaing models to support and launched new products and services within one year.
  •  Enhanced brand value and increased market share by attracting and retaining customers through
     improved research and product development, effective marketing campaigns, enticing loyalty programs
     and improved customer service.
  •  Increased profitability due to improved workflow efficiency, enhanced capabilities, increased customer
     satisfaction, reduced employee turnover and optimized use of corporate real estate.
  •  Raised capital -- and did so significantly faster than most who succeed!

Achievement highlights

  •  Conceived, planned and launched businesses which upon their 5 year anniversary either continue to
     be operating profitably or have already acheived successful exit (via either sale or IPO).
  •  Positioned client to secure and maintain #1 market leadership position for several consecutive years.
  •  Helped clients become recognized on Fortune 500 list as #1 Most Admired in industry group or within
     Top 50 of the Most Profitable, 10-year Profit Growth or 10-Year Shareholder Return.
  •  Substantially increased profit and shareholder value by reducing annual operating costs up to 34%.
  •  Contributed to raising $3.4 billion via private placements and IPOs.

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