About Conduit Consulting LLC

International award-winner Conduit Consulting LLC provides STRATEGY, CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT, TRANSACTION ADVISORY and GENERAL MANAGEMENT consulting and support services to companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to early-stage start-ups operating in a wide array of industries.
Conduit Consulting was founded in 2002 and is led by Jillian Alexander, who has more than 25 years experience successfully managing and leading strategic initiatives on behalf of companies which seek to become or remain Trend-Setters and Market Leaders or seek to exit.
Conduit Consulting professionals’ client-specific confidential advice and efforts efficiently leading strategic initiatives have successfully resulted in in-demand products and services; developing profitable ventures in advanced and emerging markets; increasing sales, market share and profitability; improving customer and employee statisfaction; reducing annual operating costs by as much as 34% while improving productivity company-wide; award-winning business plans and marketing campaigns; start-ups for which we led strategic planning, achieving successful exits or continually operating as going-concerns; enhanced enterprise value and increased share price; and clients realizing more than $3.4 billion via M&A transactions and IPOs plus billions more through joint ventures, licensing, and strategic alliance deals.
Clients have included public corporations, private enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations spanning the BioPharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Internet, Media, Paperboard, Professional Services, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel and other sectors.