Business Plan Assessment services

Conduit Consulting® evaluates business plans on a number of levels — viability, feasibility, readability, and attractiveness to various stakeholders.
This starts with a TECHNICAL and EDITORIAL REVIEW of the business plan:

  1. Thoroughness/Completeness
  2. Data Quality
  3. Appropriateness of Assumptions
  4. Structure/Organization
  5. Language

Then, we provide STRATEGIC FEEDBACK on how to strengthen your business plan, including advising on:

  1. WHICH specific Business Plan elements requiring improvement
  2. WHAT will strengthen those Business Plan elements
  3. Methods of HOW to improve the Business Plan
  4. WHY use the business plan as tool
  5. WHERE and WHEN to share the business plan (and how to protect it)
business plan review and evaluation© iStockphoto / Torsakarin

Achievement Highlights

Our professionals’ uncommon multi-disciplinary experience combined with cross-functional management and deal-making expertise and vast industry knowledge enables us to quickly review business plans, identify obstacles, and recommend methods to swiftly overcome obstructions on your path to profitability and wealth creation. We provide insights about what is important to each party interested in your company’s business plan.

  1. Evaluated hundreds of business plans and performed due diligence for buy-side and sell-side clients ranging from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.
  2. Revised early-stage company’s projections to reflect realistic sales and costs and offering documents resulted in quickly securing $9.0MM.
  3. Attracted investment and sped customer acquisition and profitability growth by recommending growth strategies and distribution channels adopted.
  4. Prepared clients for Buyers’ due diligence, contributing to clients realizing greater value from deal than anticipated.

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