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All organizations need an array of strategies to achieve and maintain longevity and success. Most start-ups, product launches, mergers, growth plans, changes initiatives, and exits fail. Can you afford wasting time, effort and capital wandering down wrong paths?
Owners, Executives and Managers turn to Conduit Consulting® to gain the creativity, candid insights, unbiased advice and expertise of our professionals. We devise effective strategies and pragmatic implementation roadmaps that improve clients’ ability to evolve and successfully compete.

Our Strategy Development Experience

We collaborate with clients to define, prioritize and plan how to achieve your company-wide, business unit and individual goals. Clients and colleagues have consistently recognized our practice leader Jillian Alexander for her ability to quickly and effectively foresee highly profitable opportunities where others see none, identify and mitigate risks in ways that enhance client companies' value, transform chaos into calm, and get deals done that others could not close.

  • “Jillian provided excellent support and structure during HP’s spin-out of Agilent.”

    Steve Brashear, Director,
    Corporate Planning & Reporting

  • “You opened the eyes of the department on ways to improve Purchasing.”

    Cathy Smith
    Chiron Corporation

  • “Jillian assisted in developing plans for Movielink,, etc. Without her skill and dedication, we would not have been successful. I highly recommend her.”

    Doug Chey
    Divisional CIO
    Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • “Jillian’s intellect, confidence, dedication, and communication skills are very valuable assets for any firm.”

    Joerg Bieber
    Managing Director/Owner

  • “Jillian is a great confidante”

    Corporate Banker turned
    Entrepreneur & CEO
    Lifestyle e-Commerce start-up

  • “Jillian did an outstanding job with the restructuring of the Lumileds joint venture.”

    Steve Brashear, Director,
    Corporate Planning & Reporting

  • “Thank you for putting in so much effort and research, Jillian.”

    Marketing Manager
    Small Private Enterprise

  • “I look forward to working with you again. You’re good at what you do, professional, and honest and you can’t ask for any more.”

    Founding CEO
    Start-Up Technical Gear company

  • “Jillian successfully supervised all personnel in pursuit of project goals ... Jillian’s performance was exemplary. I will look forward to the opportunity of working with her again.”

    Project Owner
    Large Private Enterprise

  • “Jillian is all about performance. I am confident that she can increase performance of any company in some manner no matter how well or poorly it is performing today.”

    Corporate Banker turned
    Entrepreneur & CEO
    Lifestyle e-Commerce start-up

  • “The materials you put together were fantastic!”

    CEO & Co-founder
    Consumer Electronics start-up

  • “Thank you again, Jillian. You’re a complete godsend.”

    Private Enterprise

Due to her extensive experience successfully positioning clients for growth and exit, clients often request Jillian advise on or lead their comprehensive Strategic Planning and specific area Strategy Development initiatives, including:

  1. Growth Strategies
  2. Corporate Portfolio Management Strategies
  3. Market Entry Strategies
  4. Product & Service Innovation Strategies
  5. Acquisition Strategies / Divestiture Strategies
  6. Intellectual Property Management Strategies
  7. Corporate Real Estate Use & Allocation Strategies
  8. Corporate Governance Strategies
  1. Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  2. Organizational Strategies
  3. Risk Management Strategies
  4. Operational (Functional) Strategies
  5. Financial Strategies
  6. Capitalization Strategies
  7. Distribution Strategies
  8. Implementation Strategies
  9. Tranformation Strategies
  10. Negotiation Strategies
  11. Exit Strategies

strat·e·gy    n. Pronunciation

1. the science and art of devising and employing the political, economic, psychological and labor forces of an organization to afford the maximum support to adopted policies and to execute approved plans to move organization toward a goal
2. the science and art of command exercised to meet the enemy in competition under advantageous conditions
3. a complex of adaptations that serves important function in achieving evolutionary success
4. a variety of or instance of the use of strategy

[From Greek strategia generalship, from strategos]

Additionally, Conduit Consulting® engagements often include training clients in our areas of expertise, developing your team’s skills and know-how in addition to enhancing your organization’s competitiveness and value.
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