Our Origin

Conduit Consulting® was born in late 2002 by a former corporate executive female entrepreneur passionate about building companies and business eco-systems to cultivate thriving economies.

Early work roles during recessions shed light on the fragility of financial security and that businesses evolve or atrophy. Having been exposed to others’ suffering financial instability due to weaknesses in the general economy and recognizing that is a main driver of conflicts around the globe, from a young age she has focused on designing and building resilient businesses, creating jobs, and cultivating cross-cultural understanding to foster wealth creation so that all people may securely enjoy a modestly comfortable (or better) standard of living and enhance world peace. Conduit Consulting® was created to continue this mission.

We are proud that Conduit Consulting® and our clients are resilient in difficult times. In 2008, many BabyBoomer entrepreneurs and executives for the first time realized they do not have the midas touch and that business success stems from more than just being friendly and persistent. Many turned to Conduit Consulting® and our founder Jillian Alexander for support, which resulted in successfully repositioning their companies onto growth paths while competitors did not survive. Now younger business leaders are emerging who want to see their businesses, employees, and customers thrive. Some seek client-specific confidential advice and support, while others attend our webinars, bootcamps, and other training events.

We serve a wide array of clients -- public corporations, private enterprises, and non-profit organizations operating in various industries, including Agribusiness, BioPharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial Products, Internet, Media, Professional Services, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, and Travel as well as government agencies. Click here for industry list.

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