Demand Planning, Forecasting, Feasability Analysis & Valuation Analysis services

It is impossible to devise a winning strategy, develop an achievable plan or accurate forecast, or solve a problem when factors are ignored or misunderstood.

Conduit Consulting’s® value-creation oriented approach consistently uncovers relevant information, then transforms data into meaningful insights that are repeatedly put to use by clients as tools to develop strategies and make wise decisions. Our independence, know-how and experience enables us to eliminate or adjust for biased data that company insiders and others might include and helps clients avoid wasting time, effort and capital due to detrimental decisions, significantly inaccurate forecasts and valuations, and ill-conceived plans. Our professionals inform and guide clients’ goal-setting and other strategic decision-making, often positioning companies for greater sales, higher profit, enhanced enterprise value and more long-term success than what had previously been deemed possible to achieve.

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Conduit Consulting professionals have repeatedly positioned companies to:

  • Enter new markets
  • Conceive and design commercially successful products and services
  • Enhance enterprise and shareholder value
  • Improve satisfaction of customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Expedite raising capital
  • Increase marketshare
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve profit

Companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 multinational corporations call upon Conduit Consulting’s® professionals to perform economic, market and consumer research and analysis to inform and support Service & Product Development and Innovation, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Financial & Cash Management, Workforce Development, Performance Management, Corporate Portfolio Management, and other Corporate Development activities as well as Vendor, Customer, Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture, Joint Venture, Licensing, Outsourcing and Strategic Alliance transactions.

Economic, Market and Consumer Research is conducted to collect relevant information, typically to be incorporated into goal setting, planning, forecasting, budgeting, decision-making and comparative reports.

Economic, Market and Consumer Analysis is performed to identify and deepen understanding of recent and anticipated trends and dynamics within the competitive environment.

Clients tell us they select Conduit Consulting® because they recognize the opportunity to substantially benefit from both our unique expertise and approach. Below are the Demand Planning, Forecasting, Feasibility Analysis, Valuation Analysis services most frequently requested by our clients and common outcomes:

Additionally, Conduit Consulting® engagements often include training clients in our areas of expertise, developing your team’s skills and know-how in addition to enhancing your organization’s competitiveness and value.

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