Corporate Development services

Corporate Development focuses on maximizing company-wide profitability and increasing the business’ intrinsic enterprise value and shareholder value by designing and developing new ventures, products and services and improving existing ones.

Although clients most often request Conduit Consulting® guide and manage their Corporate Development activities, sometimes we are engaged to establish or rejuvenate the Corporate Development function within an organization.

Clients leverage Conduit Consulting® professionals’ expertise and our value-oriented holistic approach to avoid pitfalls of reckless exploration, quickly identify inappropriate opportunities as distractions and dismiss them, minimize disruption, speed decision-making, and accelerate forward progress along the path to greater prosperity. Our focus is our clients’ success!

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By leveraging Conduit Consulting® professionals’ unique expertise, clients have attained the following achievements:

  • #1 rank in industry – top in revenue, unit sales, profit, and brand equity.
  • Launched businesses which operate profitably or achieved successful exit (via sale or IPO).
  • Secured and maintained market leadership position for several consecutive years.
  • Gained competitive advantage by aligning strategy organization operations.
  • Reduced risk exposure and liabilities.
  • Increased profit and shareholder value by reducing annual operating costs up to 34%.
  • Inspired employee loyalty, increased employee job satisfaction, and improved morale.
  • Raised $3.4 billion via private placements and IPOs. Did so significantly faster than most who succeed!

Clients tell us they select Conduit Consulting® to gain advice and know-how to complement and improve your internal capabilities. Most frequently we are requested advise on, direct and perform the following Corporate Development services:

What are you doing to position your company for ongoing growth and future exit?

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