Do you want to…

 »  start a business?
 »  avoid wasting time, effort and money in your business?
 »  attract and secure new customers?
 »  build a profitable business?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to join us for the upcoming:

Conduit Consulting’s
Start-Up Bootcamp

This unique workshop is designed and appropriate for individuals in all Start-Up situations -- from first-time business owners to experienced entrepreneurs to seasoned corporate intrapreneurs.

Conduit Consulting’s Start-Up Bootcamp focuses on high-impact activities that, when well-conceived and well-executed, lead to business success. Conversely, when these aspects are poorly conceived, the business typically fails or never launches.

During this workshop, you will work ON your company, rather than IN your company ... the focus is on positioning your business for successful launch and profitable growth. Business Strategist and Corporate Development specialist Jillian Alexander will guide you through the fundamentals of how to establish, organize and manage your new venture and the gambit of decisions to be made which will securely position your company on its road to success.

Our approach will help you reduce risk of failure. You will gain fresh perspective, strategic insights, relevent guidance, and candid feedback and learn “how to” successfully establish, launch and grow your business as well as position it to achieve sustainable results.

Topics Include:

  • Refining Your Vision -- goal setting to position you for success
  • Understanding Your Business Eco-System
  • Start-up Strategies
  • Your Strategic Plan -- What It Is and Why It Matters!
  • Decisions Needed to develop a Healthy Business Model
  • Designing Flexible Business Models
  • Guerilla Methods for Building Brand Awareness and Attracting Customers
  • Sourcing Talent, Vendors
  • Forging and Managing Third Party Relationships (Customers, Vendors)
  • Financing Your Business -- Why You Need Money, Where to Get It and How to Qualify
  • Reducing Risks and Controlling Costs
  • Business Owners Responsibilities
  • Protecting Your Assets

2023 Schedule
May 2023 and Fall 2023 dates will be posted soon

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Start-Up Bootcamp

About our Presenter

Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA, CHRC
Founder, CEO and Managing Director, Strategy & Corporate Development practice
Conduit Consulting LLC

Business Strategist, Corporate Development specialist, entrepreneurial Value Creator, and Educator Jillian Alexander will share wisdom gained from more than 25 years Management and Consulting experience successfully positioning companies to become or remain MARKET LEADERS and TREND-SETTERS and to attain high valuations as well as IPO and M&A prices. Click here to go to Jillian’s professional bio.

Jillian Alexander photo

Jillian Alexander

What are presentation attendees and workshop participants saying about Jillian Alexander?

"You are an excellent business woman and your knowledge of business topics is outstanding."

"Well informed, studied and articulate."

"Attending this event increased my knowledge and understanding of the topics very much."

"I liked the approach especially the Organizational Alignment."

"[I enjoyed] learning that it is possible to use surveys to convey a business' strengths and weaknesses."

"Good information on Value Propositions and various Marketing concepts."

About Conduit Consulting’s training services

In addition to our client-specific customized Consulting services, we offer a variety of strategic management seminars and workshops as well as entrepreneurship, business planning, innovation, and skill-development bootcamps. Through these programs experts share methods and insights gained from decades of successfully creating, repositioning, transforming and exiting businesses, while training participants in when and how to apply these strategies, tools, and techniques within their organizations.

Other Presentation & Training topics include:

  • Positioning Your Business for Success
  • Entreprenuership
  • Business Innovation
  • Increasing Marketing ROI
  • Advertising, Promotion & Social Media Marketing
  • Effective Program & Performance Management
  • Business Analytics, Forecasting & Valuations
  • Do’s and Don’ts When Raising Capital
  • Forging Profitable Strategic Relationships
  • Enhancing Transaction Value
  • Product Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Managing Creatives and Innovation
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Corporate Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Sourcing

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