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Conduit Consulting® provides services to a wide array of clients operating in diverse industries and sectors. These span early-stage start-up to large established privately-held enterprises, multinational public corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

As our focus is on our clients' success, we are proud our clients are pleased with the results.

What are clients saying about us?

“Jillian provided excellent support and structure during HP’s spin-out of Agilent. I also understand from a former colleague that Jillian did an outstanding job with the restructuring of the Lumileds joint venture.”

Steve Brashear
former Director, Corporate Planning & Reporting

“I worked with Jillian as we were just forming the Sony Digital Entertainment Group. At that time business development was essential. She assisted in developing plans for Movielink,, etc. Without her skill and dedication, we would not have been successful. I highly recommend her.”

Doug Chey
former Divisional CIO
Sony Pictures Entertainment

“Thank you for the time you spent with us. You opened the eyes of the department on ways to improve Purchasing. You were pleasant and easy to talk to, never condescending or dogmatic. We learned a lot.”

Cathy Smith
Chiron Corporation

“It was a pleasure having Jillian Alexander work with me … on the strategic planning of my businesses … renegotiation of sales prices with our largest customer Hosti; establishment of distribution to the United Kingdom through Cell Ltd; and managing our growth — including financing the acquisition of another paperboard mill and the organization structure of the merged companies.
Jillian developed a macro to expedite financial reporting to the Treuhand.
Jillian demonstrated how computers could facilitate the production planning process.
Jillian’s astute questions exemplified her curiousity and that she is a quick study. … Additionally, her personable manner and cultural adaptability helped in making friends both at the mill and in [town]. Jillian’s intellect, confidence, dedication, and communication skills are very valuable assets for any firm.”

Joerg Bieber
Managing Director/Owner

“Thanks to Jillian introduction and facilitation, I secured Citibank's largest new client relationship within the entire southern California region during my first year in Corporate Banking. It put me on the map as a business banker and positioned me in the realm of where I wanted to be.”

Bryan John Knight

“I look forward to working with you again. You’re good at what you do, professional, and honest and you can’t ask for any more.”

Founding CEO
Start-Up Technical Gear company

“Jillian - Just watched the finale of the firstApprentice here, a very entertaining show. I definitely thought you should've competed on it.”

Ran Reske
Norwest Venture Partners

"Conduit business owner Jillian Alexander helped me grow my business. Needed biz plan to seek investors. Thought I just needed a writer. Lawyer friend referred me to Jillian.
During our first meeting, she explained what investors want and asked questions that made me realize that a biz plan is not a bunch of prose about a pie-in-the-sky idea. She guided my team to think more strategically about our business.
Jillian compiled economic and competitive information, distilled it to its essence, explained it in plain english and helped us apply this information to improve our products, marketing and business strategy. She also used this information to build our company's financial model in addition to preparing the business plan and investor pitch presentation.
Best of all is that we were successful raising capital. When I was talking to investors, it was as easy for me to describe the market as it was for me to talk about my product."

Health Care Technology Company

“Jillian is a very strategic thinker, providing results-oriented solutions to new business opportunities, and is able to find additional value from existing business partnerships. She has good people skills and has a great background for all corporate development positions.”

Travis Rutherford
former Vice President - Business Development

“Jillian successfully supervised all personnel in pursuit of project goals.
She was responsible for locating forecasting information for specific industries that use Carbon Fiber materials, assessing the raw data and developing graphs to convey insights. This task was particularly challenging in light of the immaturity of the market. In this effort, Jillian successfully located and leveraged resources (internal and external) to locate the necessary information in the timeframe needed.
Overall, Jillian’s performance was exemplary. I will look forward to the opportunity of working with her again.”

Project Owner
Large Private Enterprise

“In response to an RFP, Jillian performed industry market research and analysis to identify Financial Institution’s current situation with regard to product development and strategic alliance opportunities.
She researched Financial industry trends and drivers, including the economics, loan category and investment attractiveness, customers, and competitor product offerings. To do so, Jillian proactively networked... to identify industry nuances and technology impacts. Jillian applied broad perspective on interaction and impact of different components of strategic change in synthesizing findings, contributed to the business case and Orals preparation by generating structured interim work products, and developed slides for the current situation section of the proposal deck.
This was especially challenging and complex project as the industry is highly dynamic. For example, during the three weeks between the initial written response to the RFP and setting a meeting for Orals several key competitors announced mergers and strategic alliances which significantly impact the competitive environment and specifically [the prospective client]. As a result, Jillian enthusiastically revised the market analysis to reflect these changes and proactively brought it to team members attention.
Jillian managed workloads to ensure successful and on-time completion, including enthusiastically coordinating with team members and our internal Graphics staff to generate the final proposal document for the oral presentation.”

Project Owner
Large Professional Services Firm

“Jillian is a great confidante, both strategically and personally. I can talk to Jillian about anything. No matter the topic, she leads me in a direction to think through the solution, unbiased to the outcome.
Jillian has been a very good about helping me pinpoint which groups to target and how to find them.
Jillian is all about performance. I am confident that she can increase performance of any company in some manner no matter how well or poorly it is performing today — whether it be financials, what to do, who to go to, how to finance it, how to market it. I have seen the results of Jillian’s efforts; walking into a manufacturing company a few months after referring her and seeing operations running more smoothly, productively, and with both revenue and profitability increasing.
Jillian is a sharp cookie and sticks up for what she believes in. I look up to her as a mentor in life, not only business. Jillian uses a ‘This is where you are … this is where you want to get to … let’s create an achievable plan to get you there’ approach. She helps me to be strategic, keep focused on what needs to be done and gets me to stick to the basics.”

Former Corporate Banker turned Entrepreneur
Start-Up Lifestyle e-Commerce company

“Thank you for putting in so much effort and research, Jillian.”

Marketing Manager
Small Private Enterprise

“I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk with me last night.
When I went to you for advice, I hadn’t expected much more than a name or two of people with ‘so-and-so used this person before, and she seemed alright’. Instead, you not only had a list of people, but you worked to find out what would be best for me and to provide your own advice.
I couldn’t have imagined a better situation and am very grateful that you're putting in this effort for me.
Thank you again, Jillian. You’re a complete godsend.”

Private Enterprise

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