Negotiation, Mediation and Ombudsperson services


To save time, reduce aggrevation, avoid value-destroying moves, and alleviate risk of forming acrimonious relationship between the interested parties, clients frequently enagage our practice leader Jillian Alexander to provide Negotiation, Mediation or Ombudsperson services.

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Achievement highlights:

  • Led or advised on deal terms, deal structure, and negotiations to maximize clients’ wealth creation in conjunction with thousands of transactions.
  • Recouped 100% contributed and committed capital after portfolio company deviated from initial strategy.
  • Resolved months-long multi-million dollar valued business dispute, avoided breach of contract litigation, and resolved strategic business issue within 45 minutes of hearing parties positions and concerns. Recommended alternative contract terms that satisfied all parties and were quickly accepted.
  • Improved employee morale, re-established business-owner’s reputation as "caring boss", and devised business growth strategies and career paths that reduced employee turnover which peaked at 120% annually to 8% annually by acting as Ombudsperson when investigating reasons for employee exodus.

What is the difference between Negotiation, Mediation and Ombudsperson services?

Negotiation is a method of discussion and compromise undertaken by two or more parties on their own behalf with the intent to reach agreement. The person communicating with the opposing party is the "Negotiator."

Mediation is a method of discussion and compromise facilitated by an independent and impartial third-party (the "Mediator") who guides two or more parties to reach an agreement or settlement when parties cannot solve a problem, agree terms or resolve disputes between themselves.

An Ombudsperson is an individual responsible for impartially investigating complaints from consumers, vendors, employees or other stakeholders against an organization and bringing about solution, settlement or agreement. In some instances the complaining party is not revealed to the subject of the complaint to prevent retaliation. While similar to the Mediator's role, the Ombudsperson typically works to protect the organization.

Clients tell us they select Conduit Consulting® because they recognize the opportunity to substantially benefit from both our unique expertise and approach. The Negotiation, Mediation and Ombudsperson services frequently requested by our clients include:

Negotiation services

  • Advocate for client interests
  • Represent client as Deal-Maker or Deal Team Member as "Subject Matter Expert", "Goodwill Ambassador" or "Bad Cop"
  • Determine necessary agreement Terms and Conditions
  • Create Negotiation Strategy
  • Identify criteria to assess
  • Determine acceptable values and define deal-breakers
  • Value Benefits vs. Risks trade-offs
  • Create Value Propositions
  • Structure agreement terms
  • Clarify meanings between parties

Mediation services

  • Facilitate negotiation between parties impartially
  • Provide decision frameworks
  • Clarify meanings between parties
  • Advise parties of likely ramifications of their actions (only when asked and appropriate)
  • Guide parties to swiftly reach agreement

Ombudsperson services

  • Establish policies and processes for handling complaints
  • Address and resolve root-cause problem
  • Build/Maintain goodwill with Win-Win solutions
  • Document issues
  • Identify root-cause problem
  • Devise and recommend solutions
  • Implement framework to guide decision-making to resolve complex problems

These services and outcomes are often a component of a larger consulting project or ongoing arrangement.

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