Conduit Consulting LLC founder Jillian Alexander nominated for 2011 International Coach of the Year

Jillian Alexander recognized as 2011 International Coach of the Year Nominee

NEW WALES, Pennsylvania, November 3, 2011The Coaching Institute today announced Jillian Alexander has been nominated for the International Coach of the Year for 2011.

Jillian Alexander, an established and innovative coach, consultant, speaker, educator, and author, is the founder and Managing Director of Conduit Consulting LLC, the strategy and business management consulting company she created in 2002. For over 20 years, Jillian has been systematically developing and applying a proven method and tools that empowers individuals and businesses to boldly move forward through the professional challenges they face on a daily basis.

Through her methods, clients and audiences alike learn to systematically diagnose complex business issues and gain understanding of the competitive environment, so that they can proactively develop breakthrough innovations and breakaway strategies, catapulting them toward success.

About the International Coach of the Year Award

The International Coach of the Year award is the most prestigious of all the Coach of the Year awards and is the only one nominated by clients and selected by an independent panel of coaches. Coaches are nominated by those whom admire their coach-like qualities. Self nominations are not allowed. The Coaching Institute has named a Coach of the Year since 2003. This year’s winner will be selected by a panel of top coaches not affiliated with The Coaching Institute that include coaches from 4 different coaching schools.

About The Coaching Institute

The Coaching Institute was was initially formed in 1999 as Comprehensive Coaching U. Its founder Terri Levine, PhD, is not only a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Trainer, but also the author of many books including: “Coaching is for Everyone”; “Stop Managing Start Coaching” and “Coaching for an Extraordinary Life”

While CEO of Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc., Terri developed The Coaching Institute Program, which has become an internationally recognized program providing training to individuals and organizations that want to learn coaching skills and/or become Certified Comprehensive Coaches. Being nationally recognized as a coaching expert, Terri has been quoted in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine articles as well as interviewed on NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, and over 80 radio shows as a coaching expert.

About Conduit Consulting LLC

Conduit Consulting was founded in 2002 and is led by Jillian Alexander, who has more than 20 years experience successfully managing and leading projects on behalf of companies which seek to remain or become MARKET LEADERS and TREND-SETTERS or seek to EXIT, ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to early-stage start-ups in diverse industries.

Conduit Consulting professionals’ client-specific confidential advice and efforts efficiently leading strategic initiatives have resulted in AWARD-WINNING business plans and marketing campaigns; in-demand products and services; start-ups achieving successful exits or continually operating as going-concerns; and clients realizing more than $3.4 billion in value via completing acquisitions, private placements, IPOs, and divestitures transactions.

Clients have included Public Corporations, Government, Private Enterprises, Start-Ups, and Non-Profit Organizations spanning the BioPharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Healthcare, High Technology, Internet, Media, Paperboard, Professional Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and other sectors.

SOURCES: Coaching Institute and Conduit Consulting LLC


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