Conduit Consulting LLC Receives 2012 Best of Business Award

2012 Best of Business Award Recipient Conduit Consulting LLC recognized as being in top 5 percent by Small Business Community Association

PHOENIX, November 29, 2012 – Conduit Consulting LLC has been selected for the 2012 Best of Business Award by the SBCA Community.

Being in business sets people apart from most ordinary people and the SBCA Community is dedicated to helping others understand that running a business is an obtainable goal and that everyone should try their best at living their dreams.

The SBCA Community recognizes and awards business owners because they often do not receive the recognition they deserve. Business owners are role models for everyone whether they know it or not. SBCA Community 2012 Best of Business Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

About Conduit Consulting LLC

International award-winner Conduit Consulting LLC provides STRATEGY, CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT, TRANSACTION ADVISORY and GENERAL MANAGEMENT consulting and support services to companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to early-stage start-ups operating in a wide array of industries.

Conduit Consulting was founded in 2002 and is led by Jillian Alexander, who has more than 20 years experience successfully managing and leading projects on behalf of companies which seek to become or remain TREND-SETTERS and MARKET LEADERS or seek to EXIT. Conduit Consulting professionals’ client-specific confidential advice and efforts efficiently leading strategic initiatives have resulted in award-winning BUSINESS PLANS and MARKETING CAMPAIGNS; in-demand PRODUCTS and SERVICES; improving CUSTOMER and EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION; increasing REVENUE, MARKET SHARE and PROFITABILITY; START-UPS achieving SUCCESSFUL exits or continually operating as going-concerns; ENHANCING businesses intrinsic and shareholder VALUE; and clients realizing more than $3.4 billion in value via completing MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS, PRIVATE PLACEMENTS, IPOs, and DIVESTITURES transactions.

Clients have included Public Corporations, Government, Private Enterprises, Start-Ups, and Non-Profit Organizations spanning the BioPharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Healthcare, High Technology, Internet, Media, Paperboard, Professional Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and other sectors.

About SBCA Community

The Small Business Community Association is dedicated to collecting and organizing information, training, and services that are vital to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone else that needs help running a business, operating a business, or wants to know how to start a business.

The mission of the SBCA Community is to promote a vibrant and growing small business community, support education that will preserve and extend the future of small business and use our gifts within the small business community to serve others for the betterment of our world.

The SBCA Community vision is to enthusiastically advance small businesses in three key areas:

  1. Growth -- To assure a vibrant and growing small business community, our goal is to introduce, engage and mature the next generation of small business owners.
  2. Advocacy -- We feel it is fundamental to support education and action outside the small business community that will preserve and extend the future of small businesses.
  3. Compassion -- We believe it is essential that we use our gifts within the small business community to serve others for the betterment of our communities and world.

SOURCE: SBCA Community / FTM Marketing

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